Love For Linen

Being a unisex label we strive to find the most confortable of any given fibre whilst making sure both Men and Women feel confident wearing it, and we’ve hit the jackpot, an oldie but a goodie; Linen.


Linen has always been a strong love of ours, one we create a lot of our samples from, we couldn’t (finally) be happier that this soft, flexible and fresh fabric is hitting our brand head on!!!


This beautiful weave has the power to absorb and lose water quickly making it PERFECT for our warmer months. It also softens with washes, due to its typical lack of elasticity it is an easy fibre to wash and wear (unless you love to Iron, in which case your linen may like a little extra TLC).


Linen can be worn or made into anything from Shirts to Shorts, but we’ve specifically designed and crafted a small Capsule Collection to show our favourite ways to wear this incredible Fibre.


We intend on wearing this beautiful ‘Cloth woven from Flax’ all summer long, if you do too, Shoot us through an email to Pre Order yours now.



More Images @becomestudio

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